(WATCH) “When Are You Having Trump On?”


Patrick Bet-David appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and asked him a question about a potential future guest.

“When are you having Trump on?” David asked.

“I don’t know,” Rogan replied. “Maybe.”

“Maybe,” Rogan reiterated.

“At a certain point in time…it would be interesting to hear his perspective on a lot of things,” Rogan said.

“I would like to know what is it like when you actually get into office. I would like to know things like, ‘what is like versus perception.’ What is it actually like when you get in that building? What are you greeted with? When do you know the people are f***ing with you? When do you know that the intelligence agencies [are] lying to you? Like when you decided to fire Comey, how much did you know? What’s the machine like? What is the Deep State really like? Really like!” Rogan elaborated.


According to reports last month, Joe Rogan turned down requests from Donald Trump’s team for an interview on his podcast.

From the New York Post:

Joe Rogan has turned down numerous requests from Donald Trump’s camp to interview the former president on his popular Spotify podcast, according to a report.

Rogan has stated he is not a Trump supporter and that he has no desire to give the 45th president a platform — even though a large chunk of the podcaster’s 11 million listeners do support the Republican front-runner.

However, after the two were seen shaking hands during a recent UFC fight in Las Vegas, Trump urged his advisers to explore further avenues for a sit-down, The Daily Beast reported.

On the episode with Patrick Bet-David, Rogan criticized the witch hunt indictments against Trump.

“These are the actions of a Banana Republic. You take your political rival and you arrest him, specifically you charge him with things you’re f***ing guilty of,” Rogan said.

In a different episode, Rogan educated Jim Gaffigan on the J6 debacle.


From the New York Post:

Joe Rogan suggested that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a set-up by the US government’s intelligence agencies to take down former President Donald Trump.

“The Jan. 6 thing is bad, but also, the intelligence agencies were involved in provoking people into the Capitol building. That’s a fact,” the controversial podcaster said during a nearly three-hour episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Friday.

Rogan also speculated that a 61-year-old man named Ray Epps — who found himself at the center of conspiracy theories surrounding the attack after videos showed him breaching Capitol grounds — could have been a federal agent.

“I think that every other person who was involved in Jan. 6 — who was involved in coordinating a break-in into the Capitol and then instigating people — they were all arrested. This guy wasn’t,” Rogan said of Epps, who filed a defamation suit against Fox News for a series of on-air claims that he instigated the insurrection.

Well, he clearly instigated,” Rogan said. “He did it on camera.”

The video Rogan is referring to was posted the night before the riot, where a MAGA hat-wearing Epps is seen telling a crowd of fellow Trump supporters that they should enter the Capitol.


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