Well, Looks Like We’ve Uncovered The REAL Reason Biden Refuses to Visit East Palestine, Ohio…


Joe Biden is under some serious pressure to visit the utter devastation in East Palestine, Ohio. After all, he’ll drag his raggedy carcass to Ukraine with no issue, but he won’t go see Americans who are suffering? What gives, people are confused.

Well, reporters keep asking him about this and Joe’s getting more and more flustered and annoyed as he tries to field the questions. On Friday he was asked again if he’d be going to Ohio. Joe fumbled around as he haplessly tried explaining why he STILL hasn’t gone to visit the site of a toxic train derailment that devastated the small Ohio community.

Joe said, “At this point, I’m not.” He then appeared to get all confused (what’s new?) and strained as he tried to explain why he’s not going…

What a mess this clown is… but we know why he’s not going. It’s PR.

His team is terrified of a PR debacle because East Palestine actually is “MAGA Country.”

Town Hall reported that the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, are anxious about the recent train derailment that has spilled enormous amounts of toxic waste in the immediate area. The safety of drinking water is supposedly safe, but residents are suspicious, and rightfully so, as the Biden administration hasn’t been transparent or consistent in advising locals about the toxic spill. You can’t say the area is safe when railroad workers at the crash site are getting sick, something the unions brought up to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg this week. And to top it all off, Joe Biden still doesn’t plan on visiting, with CNN expounding on why that might be the case (via Fox News):

CNN’s Miguel Marquez claimed Monday that President Biden could be “digging up toxic muck” in East Palestine, Ohio, and it wouldn’t move the “needle” with the residents following the toxic train derailment.

“CNN This Morning” host Poppy Harlow asked if he believed East Palestine residents care if President Biden visits or not.

“I don’t think they really care,” Marquez said. “They love Donald Trump. Joe Biden could be out there in a, you know, in a hard hat and protective gear and a shovel, digging up toxic muck, I don’t think it would move the needle very much in this area. But they’re doing, you know, Pete Buttigieg met with the mayor privately after that meeting. The mayor, who had been very critical of the administration said, ‘You know what? I’m more satisfied than ever. I’m cautiously optimistic that not only will we get through this but East Palestine will be better because of it.’”

Of course, this theory nails it. That area voted 70 percent for Trump, and they don’t want old cheating Joe shuffling in. Can you imagine what a PR nightmare that would be for him? Angry residents confronting him on camera…

If Joe had an ounce of character and was a truly a brave, good leader he’d go anyway… But we know bumbling Joe Biden is none of those things.

What will likely happen is that his team will cave and create another ridiculously “controlled” situation – just like they did during his fake “border” visit.

They’ll do everything they can to keep locals away and send Joe shuffling in for 5 minutes wearing a “hardhat” or something lame like that.

But that won’t stop the “F Joe Biden” banners, trust me. They’ll be everywhere…


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