Whistleblower: FBI Knew Hunter Biden Laptop Was Real Months Before It Became Public


A federal investigator has blown the whistle to reveal that the FBI knew Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” was real months before.

A memo written by a now-whistleblower shows the FBI had already authenticated the contents of the laptop by the time it became public.

According to whistleblower Gary Shapley, a supervisory criminal investigative agent with the IRS, the FBI had been investigating the laptop for nearly a year before the 2020 election.

The memo, obtained by Just the News’s John Solomon, describes an FBI meeting about Hunter’s laptop.

The memo, written by Shapley, describes an October 2020 meeting of an FBI team “trying to determine if anything was added to the computer by a third party … by people who are not the defendant in this case.”

According to the memo, the analysts determined there was “no reason to believe there is anything fabricated nefariously on the computer and or hard drive.”

“There are emails and other items that corroborate the items on the laptop and hard drive,” the memo states.

According to the memo, the roughly two-hour meeting took place on October 22, 2020, eight days after the first reports regarding the contents of the laptop.

The laptop, exposing Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere, was first reported by outlets like the New York Post and U.K. Daily Mail.

The memo “provided a chronology of how the FBI validated the laptop as having belonged to Hunter Biden as early as November 2019 and by spring 2020 was exploiting and analyzing its emails, text messages, and photos,” Solomon wrote.

The memo begins by noting that “Sportsman” — the Secret Service code name for Hunter Biden — reportedly brought three laptops into a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, in April of 2019.

Biden was confirmed to be in Wilmington on that day since financial records show “he visited a cigar shop and [o]ther intelligence shows Sportsman was in the area.”

The computer shop then told Hunter Biden to bring an external hard drive in order to transfer data off of the computers, which could not be fixed.

“Phone records show the shop called Sportsman and Sportsman called the shop around this time,” the report said.

It notes that the “computer shop always kept a copy of the customer’s data for a period of time before purging the data off his system.”

Then, in October of 2019, the report states, a man contacted the FBI office in Albuquerque, New Mexico to report “his son is in possession of a Sportsman computer that had not been retrieved and was not paid for… said it contains evidence of white collar crime… he did not view this data personally.”

By December 2019, the FBI had the laptop and the hard drive and began forensic analysis in January 2020, according to the memo.

By March, it seems, FBI analysts were able to get into Hunter’s iMessage and iPhone messages after they found a business card with the password on it.

This forensic analysis continued until at least May 2020.

According to the memo, “[s]omeone asked if we could tell if files had been added by the computer shop.

“The computer guy said they could do a … list that shows when everything was created.

“He said that the laptop was ‘returned to original.’”

In other words, between December 2019 and May 2020, Hunter Biden’s waterlogged MacBook and the data he saved on it underwent what seems to be rigorous analysis from the FBI.

It seems everything checked out as genuine, including the problematic stuff.

In addition, Shapley said during his May 26 deposition before the House Ways and Means Committee that the “FBI verified its authenticity in November of 2019 by matching the device number against Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud ID,” according to testimony released Thursday.

When the laptop first emerged, and for months following, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media, Big Tech, intelligence community, and federal law enforcement, insisted that reports on the laptop’s content were “Russian disinformation.”

Except the FBI knew months before that everything on Hunter Biden’s laptop was real.


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