Another World Leader In A Mask EXPOSED On The World Stage?


Look folks, I’m not here to convince you of anything.

I just report and I let you decide.

But as the guy who’s been here for every single report since the beginning (since I wrote them all), I have to tell you that eventually you see too much and you can’t help but admit something very strange is going on.

And it’s not just Joe Biden.

The video below is of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant:

It’s short so I’ll just let you watch it for yourself:

Backup here if needed:

Ok, so what do you think?

I’ve never seen a neck look like that, have you?

But then again, I had never seen a Ballsac Chin either before I saw Biden wearing one a few weeks back, so I guess anything is possible these days.

So are these just bad camera angles?

Just normal bodies aging in weird ways?


But you do need to know this….the technology to make these masks exists.

In fact, we’ve had it for DECADES!

I’ll show you more on that farther below, but first watch this short video:

If THAT is possible for some random guy on Twitter, how much more so do you think our Government could do?

Or the Israeli government?

Ok, now read this and we’ll go MUCH deeper:

Former CIA Chief of Disguise — “I Briefed Bush Sr. In A Mask And He Couldn’t Tell!”

Never in my life did I think the word “Mask” would come to play such an important and prolific role on the world stage.

For 2 years we were forced to wear COVID masks…

But there’s also another kind of Mask that has rose to fame.

One that I think will soon get a WHOLE lot more attention.

The Costume Mask.

I’ve often said on this website that I don’t subscribe to the theory that Joe Biden is dead and has been replaced by clones.

Sorry, not going there.

But are there “multiple” Joe Biden’s being played by Actors in Masks?

That is NOT an unreasonable thing to believe.

That’s not just my opinion, that is former CIA “Chief of Disguise” telling you that Mask technology has become SO GOOD that she briefed President Bush (41) face to face (so to speak) while wearing a Mask and he couldn’t tell!

Understand that Bush Sr. was back in the 1990s.

If the CIA had human Mask technology so good in the 1990s that it could fool the President when face-to-face with him, what do you think we have now?

I’ll show you some stunning videos below, but first here is more detail from ChatGPT about CIA Former Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez and her role in creating the most lifelike human masks in history:

Jonna Mendez served as the Chief of Disguise at the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Office of Technical Service in the late 20th century. She, along with her late husband Antonio Mendez, another notable figure in the world of espionage, played an instrumental role in developing innovative disguise technologies and methodologies that substantially improved the operations of field agents.

Jonna’s stint in the CIA culminated in the development of groundbreaking disguise technologies, including highly advanced masks that were capable of transforming the appearance of operatives. These masks and disguises were crucial for clandestine operations, providing agents with the means to blend in, avoid detection, and accomplish their missions undetected.


Before delving into the intricacies of Mendez’s work with masks, it is vital to understand her professional background. Mendez joined the CIA in the late 1960s. Over the years, she held multiple positions, evolving her skill set and adapting to the changing needs of intelligence operations. She held a critical role in crafting and providing innovative tools, gadgets, and disguises to field operatives, thereby enhancing their operational capabilities.

Evolution of Disguise Technologies

Mendez was instrumental in the evolution of disguise technologies at the CIA during the Cold War. Initially, the art of disguise was rudimentary, relying on wigs, makeup, and changes in clothing. However, the pressing need for more advanced technologies led to the inception of transformative masks that could alter an agent’s identity in minutes.

Mendez, leveraging her ingenuity and technical know-how, began exploring latex and other materials to construct lifelike masks capable of fooling even the most vigilant observers. These masks would meticulously replicate facial features, textures, and coloration, allowing agents to impersonate different individuals, irrespective of age, race, or gender.

The Mastery of Masks

The development and utilization of masks under Mendez’s leadership were paramount in ensuring the safety and success of agents in hostile territories. These masks were not mere accessories; they were intricate creations, designed with impeccable attention to detail, taking into account the individual attributes of the wearer and the person they were impersonating.

Mendez’s masks allowed agents to assume new identities seamlessly, altering their appearance so drastically that they could operate in close proximity to people who were familiar with the individual being impersonated, without arousing suspicion. It was the culmination of meticulous craftsmanship, technical innovation, and a deep understanding of human perception.

Technological Advancements

The technological advancements in mask-making during Mendez’s era were revolutionary. The use of advanced materials and technologies facilitated the creation of masks that were not only visually convincing but were also comfortable and breathable, enabling agents to wear them for extended periods. These masks were complemented with elaborate costumes, altered voice modulations, and behavioral training to ensure that the disguise was holistic and unpenetrable.

The advanced masks developed under Mendez’s supervision were fitted with realistic hair, precise skin tones, and textures, and could even mimic wrinkles, scars, and other distinctive facial features. The precision and realism of these disguises were unprecedented and marked a significant leap in the art of disguise in espionage.

High-Stake Operations

Mendez’s innovations were particularly critical in high-stakes, sensitive operations where the margin for error was non-existent. The masks and disguise technologies she developed allowed agents to infiltrate hostile environments, gather crucial intelligence, exfiltrate assets, and conduct surveillance without compromising their true identities.

These disguises were also integral in deception operations, enabling agents to manipulate adversaries’ perceptions and actions. The ability to assume multiple identities and operate covertly provided a strategic advantage in the convoluted geopolitical landscape of the Cold War era.

Legacy and Contributions

Jonna Mendez’s work has left an indelible mark on the intelligence community. The advancements in disguise technology initiated by her have been integral in reshaping espionage tactics and methodologies. The masks and disguises developed under her watch were not just tools of deception; they were lifelines for operatives working in the shadows, ensuring their safety and the success of their missions.

Moreover, Mendez has shared her knowledge and experiences through lectures, writings, and advisory roles, offering insights into the clandestine world of espionage and the significance of disguise in intelligence operations. Her revelations have not only enriched public knowledge about the workings of the intelligence community but have also highlighted the importance of innovation and technical acumen in the field of espionage.

Modern Developments

While the exact advancements in disguise technology post-Mendez’s tenure remain classified, it can be inferred that the field has continued to evolve, integrating newer technologies and materials. The rapid progress in prosthetics, synthetic materials, digital technology, and biometrics may have led to the development of more advanced and sophisticated disguise techniques. Such advancements likely address the challenges posed by modern security measures and surveillance technologies.


Jonna Mendez’s tenure as the Chief of Disguise at the CIA marked a revolutionary period in the field of disguise technology. Her pioneering work in developing advanced, realistic masks significantly enhanced the capabilities of field agents, allowing them to assume new identities and perform covert operations with unprecedented efficacy. Mendez’s intricate masks and disguises were pivotal in several high-stake missions during the Cold War, providing agents with the means to infiltrate, exfiltrate, and gather crucial intelligence without compromising their safety.

Her contributions to the intelligence community extend beyond her innovations, as she continues to educate the public about the role and significance of disguise in espionage. The advancements initiated by Mendez have paved the way for newer innovations, adapting to the evolving landscape of modern espionage and the challenges posed by sophisticated security and surveillance systems.

Jonna Mendez’s legacy is a testament to the amalgamation of artistry, technical prowess, and strategic thinking in the service of national security, highlighting the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the clandestine world of intelligence operations.

Watch this, it’s incredible….

Part 1:

And Part 2:

Backups here:

And here:

More here from her TedX talk:

And here from Valuetainment:

And here:

And from our friend Derek Johnson, Rattletrap:

Keep reading below and you’ll see even ESPN has technology so advanced no one could recognize Eli Manning playing football in a mask….


NEW VIDEO: Fake Joe Biden Mask Exposed?


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