Why do they hate Trump?


Do I have your attention?

Ok, good!

Of course I don’t want you to hate Donald Trump.

So of course we don’t hate Trump at all — far from it.

But that’s the title of a wonderful video I just came across that I want you to see.

Perhaps I should retitle it to this:  This Is Why (They Want You To) Hate Donald Trump

They being the Deep State.

The shadow Government.

The WEF.

You know the usual players.

George Soros.

Klaus Schwab.

All their buddies.

There’s only ONE man who stands in their way.

I had a fascinating call with a billionaire today….

I’m keeping his name confidential for now but we’re working to schedule a time to have him on my show for a conversation you will love!

We talked for 90 minutes and knowing the website I run here he wanted to know why we support Donald Trump.

Brilliant man, very moral and traditional man….and he said what I sometimes hear a lot from people:  “I love Donald Trump’s policies, I just don’t like his character.”

We’re going to have a full discussion around that on my show, but a few thoughts that I suggested back to him in our conversation…

One, we are electing a President, not a Pastor.

We need a FIGHTER.

We need someone tough to take on the enemies in this video I’m about to show you.

I wish we could have a Pastor/President combined too, but so far I have never found that person.

A New York billionaire is what we need to fight these enemies and save this country, but a New York billionaire just might be a little rough around the edges.

Also, some of the people who present themselves publicly as morally pure are often some of the worst people behind the scenese.

Conversely, with President Trump what you see is what you get.

Rough around the edges and sometimes gets it wrong and messes up, but I believe at his core he has a big heart.  I truly do.

Last thing I’ll say here and I’ll save the rest for when he comes on my show, just look at who these people HATE.

Who is the one man taking all their blows?

Donald John Trump

That should tell you all you need to know.

If you’re in the “club” they don’t come after you.

Oh sure, you can do your little Democrat vs. Republican play acting, and pretend like you have these big differences, but you’re really all on the same team.

Just look at the ONE MAN who they can’t stand.

From 2015 until now, there is an irrational, and I would say SPIRITUAL hatred for this man.

Now ask yourself why?

I would pose to you that it’s because this is the ONE MAN standing in their way.

And that’s what this video concludes as well.

I really want you to watch this.

I almost don’t need to know anything else as long as I know Enemy #1 of Klaus Schwab and George Soros is Donald Trump, then that’s my man.  Case closed.

Watch this video and see what you think:

THAT is why they need you to hate him.

They need to turn you against Trump because he is the one man who stands in their way.

The one man standing between them and their beloved Great Reset.

Has Donald Trump made some moral mistakes over the years?


Haven’t we all?

Can he be rough around the edges?


But I’ll take this fighter who is fighting for America over every one who is “in the club” every day of the week.

Before I go, let me show you this.

That video references the famous Trump U.N. speech and it truly is historic.

If you’ve never seen it before or if you want a refresher, watch below.

This will go down in history as one of the most famous and pivotal speeches of all time:

FLASHBACK: When Trump Walked Into the Lion’s Den And RENOUNCED Globalism To Their Face!

I love this President more and more every day!

My friends, you have to understand how truly amazing it is for him to walk into the United Nations and deliver this speech!

The man has no fear and a set of big, huge brass balls!

As he stood there in the Lion’s Den, he delivered a scathing speech to the U.N., denouncing their authority and firmly destroying their idea of globalism!

Here are my favorite quotes:

“We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global beaurocracy!

America is governed by Americans!

We reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism!”

Watch and enjoy:


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Here’s the other one referenced in the vidoe:

President Trump At Davos

No, Trump is not at Davos right now…

This is a flashback to President Trump at Davos in 2018.

Did you even know he was there?

I had forgotten.

He walked right into the Lion’s Den and punched them right in the face on their own turf!

I’ve just finished watching these and they are absolutely incredible!

Here’s a short clip to start:

But now let’s do the full video….

Watch here safely on Twitter:

Backup on YouTube:


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