Yet Another DeSantis “Coverup” That Reveals His “Establishment” Roots


In the case of Ron DeSantis, buyer beware  because you’re not going to get what you paid for. I know this may be hard for a lot of you to accept, but DeSantis is a typical “chameleon establishment politician” who reinvents himself as needed.

Lindsey Graham is the same way, only he’s dumber than Ron. But it’s the same basic blueprint: you keep all your establishment buddies in the background helping and advising you, while you watch the polls to see what the people want, and what issue you can safely jump on and ride for a while. Once you’ve found a safe, but popular issue – mostly “social issues” – you come out “guns blazing.” This won’t rock the boat too much and cause any political controversy, but it’ll get the people really excited and fired up and that’s the goal here.

However, you never stand up for big issues like the sham 2020 election or January 6th prisoners (most of whom come from Florida). That would be a huge mistake and much too big of a red-pill to swallow for you and your establishment pals. No need making Trump look good, or validating him in anyway, or actually telling the truth, right?

So, you avoid those touchy topics by screaming so loudly about social issues that everybody gets distracted and thinks you’re totally  “based” and “red-pilled.”

This plot is simple to carry out.

It’s a game plan MANY establishment types have followed for decades, and it amazes me that so many on our side still fall for it.

And that’s what Ron is doing now, as he gears up to stab Trump in the back and run against him in 2024 with the backing from his establishment buddies like Paul Ryan, Jeb! and globalist Paul Singer… and the NeverTrump crew – they’re backing him as well.

So, when you start peeling back the layers, you can see what’s really going on, and the “based” and “red-pilled” stuff starts to look a bit phony.

And that’s what investigative journalist Laura Loomer has found. She did some digging and discovered that under Governor DeSantis, Florida has quietly become a “sanctuary state” for abortions.

Here’s what Laura said:”Did you know that under @GovRonDeSantis⁩, Florida has become a sanctuary state for abortions? Women are now traveling from other states to Florida to get abortions. Abortions in FL were @ a 14 yr high in 2022. Florida has the 3rd most abortion clinics in country!!!


But it gets worse:

And when people chime in to try and defend this nonsense and take the heat off of DeSantis, Wayne Dupree is always there to set them straight:

Wayne’s right again. Good lord, this isn’t a “Dem-run” city issue, folks. It’s a DeSantis issue.

His Republican-run government is too busy desperately trying to change existing legislation so he can run for president in Florida, that they couldn’t care less about anything else.

How “based” and “red-pilled” of Team DeSantis, right?


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