All January 6th Tapes Will Be Released “Within Days”



ALL of the January 6th tapes will be released within “days.”

This is according to Representative Matt Gaetz, claims that every single member of Congress will have the ability to review every single second of footage.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about January 6th.

For example, who placed the pipebombs?

Why wasn’t “scaffolding man” every found?

What was Ray Epps really up to?

How many feds were undercover?

And did any feds commit any acts of violence? Did they instigate the Capitol riot?

There have been pieces of evidence here and there of all of the above.

But it’s been difficult to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Now, with full access to the footage, the J6 narrative may be flipped upside down.

When McCarthy was speaker, he only sent some of the tapes to Tucker Carlson for review.

Now, all of Congress will have the ability to study and analyze every single frame.

What is waiting within the tapes that we haven’t seen yet?

The Washington Examiner has more details on the impending release:

The security tapes of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol will be viewable to every member of the public in a matter of days, Rep. Matt Gaetz said Thursday.

“The way that the Jan. 6 tapes will be released will be through a website where any member of the public can go and observe the videos that are being released,” Mr. Gaetz, Florida Republican, said on the SiriusXM show “The Wilkow Majority.”

“My expectation is they’re going to be released in tranches and that the first tranche … to be released will be in, you know, days, not weeks,” he told host Andrew Wilkow.

Making the footage available to the public has long been a mission for Mr. Gaetz, who made it a condition when he first stepped aside to allow former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, California Republican, to win his short-lived speakership in January.

Over 40,000 hours of video is archived from Jan. 6, 2021, the day supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol to protest the certification of President Biden’s election victory.

Despite J6 hearings and breathless media coverage, the radical left has not been able to build any case proving an “insurrection.”

However, more and more evidence suggests that there was federal involvement on January 6th.

It is also possible that the riot would have never even happened if it weren’t for that federal involvement.

If that’s true, don’t you think President Trump and his supporters deserve an apology?

Calls to release the tapes are crescendoing online.

Gaetz appears convinced that there is “exculpatory evidence” within these tapes.

If this is true, then the Republicans need to stand together and demand justice.

This isn’t about politics.

This is about doing the right thing.

Judicial Watch has called on Speaker Johnson to release the tapes.

Watch Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton make the case:


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