Alvin Bragg’s Chief Investigator Revealed To Be Biden Donor In 2020 Election


The chief investigator at Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s office donated to President Joe Biden and other Democrat candidates throughout the recent 2020 election, FEC campaign finance data reveals.

Susan Hoffinger is listed as the “Chief of the Investigation Division” on the Manhattan District attorney office’s website.

Hoffinger donated once to Biden’s 2020 campaign and made several donations to the Democrat party’s fundraising platform, ActBlue.

“Hoffinger’s donations to Biden and a democratic PAC could be a conflict of interest considering Trump is the leading opposition to the Democratic Party,” The Gateway Pundit’s Anthony Scott said of Hoffinger.

“The Manhattan’s DA Office is crawling with partisan executives members who aren’t shy about showing what side of the aisle they are on,” Scott added.

On Sunday, news broke that Former President Donald Trump’s legal team believes the Manhattan judge will be issuing a gag order on Trump before he is appearing in court on Tuesday.

Trending Politics previously reported:

This gag order would bar Trump from talking about his arrest. If Trump violates such an order, he could serve 30 days in jail or be fined $1000, New York law states.

“The Trump legal team now thinks that the Manhattan judge will take the unprecedented step of silencing the presidential frontrunner with an unconstitutional gag order tomorrow,” one source told the Daily Mail.

“The Trump legal team is considering adding a First Amendment lawyer to the effort to combat this and will fight it all the way,” the source added.

A gag order could prevent the former president from giving a widely anticipated speech the Trump team has scheduled for Tuesday evening at Mar-a-Lago.


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