Breaking: South Carolina Primary Called For Trump ONE MINUTE After Polls Closed


Once again, there was no question who would win a big primary election, with Donald Trump being declared the winner just seconds after the polls closed in South Carolina.

As The Guardian reported:

The Associated Press, which tracks these things very closely, called the race a minute after polls closed. It’s not much of a surprise – the latest opinion surveys of the state’s Republican voters showed him with a 30-point advantage over Nikki Haley.

His victory in South Carolina adds to an unbroken streak of wins in the early voting states, after clinching victory in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

Although Haley has vowed to stick around to be a thorn in Trump’s side, many pundits insisted that it’s now past time for her to call it quits.

Here’s some of the social media buzz Trump’s latest resounding victory sparked:

The crowd went wild for Trump, but not everyone at his victory speech received a warm welcome.

Trump weighed in on the state of the race as the South Carolina primary results rolled in on Saturday night.

As The Wall Street Journal reported:

“I have never seen the Republican Party so unified,” he said. “This is a fantastic evening.” He ticked off familiar hard-line sentiments on immigration and the border, and projected confidence of turning to a general election battle rematch with President Biden.

“We’re going to say Joe, ‘You’re fired, ‘ ” Trump said to cheers. “Get out Joe, you’re fired.”

Here’s a clip of his victory speech:


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