COVID-19 Jab Mandate Reportedly Implemented at Medical School in Republican-Led State


According to Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, the Baylor College of Medicine has implemented a COVID-19 jab mandate for the latest booster.

The Baylor College of Medicine, based in Houston, Texas, is within the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical center.

“COVID shot mandates are alive and well in Texas. In an email from 9/28/23, @bcmhouston has mandated the latest shot for its students, faculty and employees,” Bowden said Friday.

“An updated COVID vaccine has been approved by the FDA and is now available. A single dose is recommended for individuals 6 months and older. Because protection from prior vaccination fades over time and this vaccine better matches the currently circulating strains, the updated dose is recommended,” the email read.

“Baylor faculty, staff and students must get the COVID vaccine, or request a medical, religious or personal exemption, and complete attestation by Nov. 30,” it continued.

Texas state Rep. Brian Harrison blamed other Texas Republicans for failing to pass legislation that protected Texans from COVID-19 jab mandates.

“More infuriating: the only reason #COVID vaccine mandates still exist in Texas is because Dade Phelan and Dustin Burrows killed the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act, which a huge majority in #txlege wanted to pass. We must pass it in special session,” Harrison said.

According to Harrison’s biography on the Texas House of Representatives website, he authored the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act.

“Within hours of being sworn-in to the Texas legislature in October of 2021, Brian authored HB 168, the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act, to comprehensively ban all forced COVID vaccinations in Texas,” his biography read.

“People who think because they moved to a red state they are safe are naive,” said human and civil rights activist Denise Aguilar.

Another Twitter user asked Gov. Greg Abbott what’s going on with the medical school’s vaccine mandate.

However, COVID-19 jab mandates aren’t exclusively a Texas issue.

Americans across the country must take a stand against unlawful vaccine mandates.

“According to a policy update posted by X user Chester Tam, Providence Hospital System announced a change to its COVID-19 inoculation policy,” 100 Percent Fed Up reported.

From 100 Percent Fed Up:

“Our updated COVID-19 Vaccination Policy requires caregivers to receive up-to-date COVID-19 vaccines or submit a declination,” the announcement on the hospital system’s InOurCircle platform read.

“PROVIDENCE FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS – We’ve all heard that cases of COVID-19 are on the rise and the latest updates to COVID-19 vaccines are proving effective at preventing serious illness from the latest strains. The updated mRNA vaccines were approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on Sept. 11 and are expected to be available soon,” the update continued.

The update stated “all caregivers need the newest vaccine and to provide proof of vaccination by Nov. 30.”

“Caregivers who choose not to receive the vaccine may submit a declination form. If they already have an approved exemption on file, they will not need to submit a declination this season,” it continued.

“Caregivers who do not obtain a COVID-19 vaccine or decline by Nov. 30 may be removed from the schedule, placed on unpaid leave and may be subject to termination for continued non-compliance with their facility policy,” it continued.

“The tool for providing proof of vaccination or submitting a declination is currently under development and will be ready in early October. We will share instructions once it is ready,” it read.

“The Providence Hospital System has announced a Nov 30 DEADLINE for all care providers! Are the healthcare workers going to continue to allow the government to tell them what is good for their health or finally take a stand?” Chester Tam wrote.

*Image from Chester Tam X Post*

More info about Providence:

At Providence, we use our voice to advocate for vulnerable populations and needed reforms in health care. We are also pursuing innovative ways to transform health care by keeping people healthy, and making our services more convenient, accessible and affordable for all. In an increasingly uncertain world, we are committed to high-quality, compassionate health care for everyone – regardless of coverage or ability to pay. We help people and communities benefit from the best health care model for the future – today.

Together, our 117,000 caregivers (all employees) serve in 51 hospitals, 1,000 clinics and a comprehensive range of health and social services across Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington.


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