DELETED TWEET: This is how LOW one hardcore Trump advocate went against DeSantis on social media


There is a hardcore Trump campaign advocate named Alex Bruesewitz on Twitter who has become one of the most mocked Trump people on all of social media.

I don’t know if he’s actually getting paid by Trump to be one of his voices on Twitter, but many believe this to be the case based on his outlandish tweets.

Here’s a photo of him with Trump the other day at Mar-a-Lago:

But none of his tweets have been more outlandish that this one attacking the ‘manhood’ of DeSantis:

That’s absolutely disgusting and outrageous. A tweet like that makes me wonder if the dude is gay. What in the heck was he thinking?

As you can see, the tweet says it’s been deleted. My guess is that his Trump campaign handlers saw the tweet and made him delete it because it went way too far.


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