DeSantis Releases First 2024 Ad Ahead Of Expected Formal Campaign Announcement


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has released his first ad for the 2024 GOP presidential primary race ahead of an expected formal announcement. DeSantis will join Elon Musk for a Twitter Spaces interview on Wednesday evening, during which he is expected to formally announce his presidential bid.

The ad opens with the Florida governor pushing back a curtain to reveal a massive American flag. DeSantis then pauses and adjusts his coat before opening another curtain, seemingly set to address a crowd.

“They call it faith because, in the face of darkness, you can see that brighter future. A faith that our best days lay ahead of us. But is it worth the fight? Do I have the courage? Is it worth the sacrifice? America has been worth it every single time,” a narrator says in a voice-over during the brief clip.

The governor’s wife, Casey DeSantis, shared the clip with the caption, “America is worth the fight… Every. Single. Time.” As the clip ends, viewers are urged to text “Launch” to a provided number in order to receive campaign updates.

DeSantis becomes part of an already crowded field of contenders, immediately following Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), who announced his candidacy over the weekend. The two latest additions to the race join former governors Nikki Haley and Asa Hutchinson, as well as Vivek Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur.

The current governors of New Hampsire and Virginia in Chris Sununu and Glenn Youngkin have both expressed interest in potentially jumping in the race, as has former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Trump’s former vice president, Mike Pence.

Despite the crowded field, the former president has enjoyed a significant polling advantage over the whole pack, including Governor DeSantis. According to one recent poll from Rasmussen Reports — which was conducted from May 11-15 — 62% of likely GOP voters backed Trump. DeSantis trailed in a distant second with 17%, while no other candidate was able to garner more than 10%.


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