Far-Left Mob Targets Family Of Little Girl After Trump Encounter


The Far-Left is one hateful place….made up almost entirely of very hateful people!

It’s an awful place.

And the Far-Left Mob went into full swing yesterday….

The target?

A mother and a small girl who had a sweet encounter with President Trump.

How dare they!

Check this out….

So it all stems from this video posted by Far-Left Twitter profile “Patriot Takes”.

Don’t you love how they insert an American Flag to make it seem like they are pro-American?

So fake.

EXACLTY like all the DeSantis profiles…but that’s a different story.

So back to this video.

In this sweet moment, a little girl on her mother’s shoulders hands President Trump a pen and he writes “Hi!” on her hand.


Nice moment, right?

Leave it to the Far-Left to ruin it.

Look at these hateful comments:

And this:

And this:

RedState caught up with the mother who set the record straight and had Trump’s back:

Trump was on his way to a Metairie, Lousiana, fundraiser when he met with supporters Tuesday at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and signed the girl’s palm as she perched on her father’s shoulders.

“Trump was incredibly nice,” said Amelia Grace’s mother, Hilary Thompson, in an exclusive RedState interview.

She said it was not a rally or event, except for a chance for people to see him after he came down off his private Boeing 757 Trump Force One.

“We go down there, and Trump ends up walking around to where we are, and we get to meet him,” she said.

“He writes on her hand: ‘Hi!’ with an exclamation point on it,” she said. “We went home, and we were super excited about it, and in the next two hours, it had already rubbed off.”

As the time to go to the airport got closer, her daughter could not wait to see the president, Thompson said.

“She was like: ‘Daddy, I wanna meet Donald Trump. I wanna meet Donald Trump’–and then, like after it happened, she called everyone and was bragging about it,” she said.

“My daughter has a phone, and she’s like calling her grandparents and her aunts and everyone,” she said. “She’s like: ‘Oh my gosh, Donald Trump wrote on my hands.”

Hilary said she got out of court late, so she had to rush to join her husband and daughter, but she would never have made it were it not for Amelia Grace’s appeal to Lousiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

“When I get here, Secret Service was not allowing anyone else in, so my daughter actually goes up to the attorney general, Jeff Landry, and was like: ‘Please, please help my mom. She’s at the gate. No one’s gonna let her in.’”

Landry, now running for governor in this year’s off-cycle election, was charmed enough to pull some strings.

“He goes, finds a secret service agent that comes and meets me at the gate and lets me in as a favor to the attorney general,” she said.

When she thanked Landry, he said, “I couldn’t tell her no.”

What do you think?


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