JUST IN: Hunter’s Expensive Lawyers Argue That He Is “Too Poor” To Pay Child Support


Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, is back in the news again as he appeared in an Arkansas court seeking to reduce his monthly child support payments for his four-year-old daughter with ex-stripper Lunden Roberts.

However, his expensive lawyers argued that he is “too poor” to continue to pay the current amount of $20,000 per month. During the hearing, the judge criticized Biden’s legal team for concealing financial details and ordered them to refile papers. This ongoing legal saga has raised concerns about Hunter’s financial situation and the transparency of his affairs, particularly his art sales.

Roberts’ attorney argued that Hunter had not provided complete answers, including the identities of art buyers and the values of his art pieces. Biden’s lawyers claimed that the identities of the buyers were confidential to avoid any political influence-peddling, but the judge suggested that a subpoena could be issued to force the gallery to reveal the names of buyers and prices of the art.

The ongoing legal battle between Hunter Biden and his ex-stripper Lunden Roberts dates back to 2019 when Roberts filed a paternity suit after Hunter denied fathering their daughter during their month-long fling. After a DNA test confirmed that Hunter was the father, he started making monthly child support payments that his lawyers say add up to $750,000.

However, in September, Hunter asked the court to reduce his monthly payments, claiming he had a “substantial material change” in his income. Roberts responded by reopening the discovery process and demanding that Hunter hand over his financial records.

The news broke last week that Hunter had been ordered to appear in an Arkansas court for a child support dispute with Roberts. She claimed Hunter had been “playing games” and refused to provide his finan cial records. She even asked the judge to jail him until he complies with court orders.

During Monday’s hearing, Hunter’s lawyers argued that he is financially strapped and has no salary. They claimed that he had his Porsche repossessed and was forced to sleep on a cot in his father’s room during a recent presidential trip to Dublin.

Biden’s lawyers also mentioned that he was taking financial support from a generous friend, Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris. They argued that the claims of financial hardship should be taken into consideration in the child support case.

Roberts’ lawyers rejected Hunter’s claims of financial hardship, stating in court filings that he is “living lavishly.” Lancaster, Roberts’ lawyer, mentioned that Hunter travels the world on Air Force One and has some of the most expensive attorneys on the planet. The Arkansas Circuit Court judge ordered both Hunter and Roberts to appear for all future court dates and expressed her desire to see the case come to a conclusion soon.

The ongoing child support case between Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts continues to drag on in Arkansas courts. The judge has ordered both parties to appear for all future court dates and expressed her desire to see the case resolved soon. The ongoing legal saga continues to shine a spotlight on the financial dealings of the Biden family, which has faced criticism from many in recent years.


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