JUST IN: Key State Threatens To Leave Biden Off Ballot


Joe Biden’s problems are stacking up. …

Democrats are reportedly embroiled in turmoil regarding Biden’s choice to run for reelection, and the 80-year-old is quickly losing allies in both the media and within his party.

The highly unpopular President is doing terribly in the polls and is facing a palpable threat in the form of Robert F. Kennedy Jr—a candidate who has captured the attention of Americans across the political spectrum.

In response to growing troubles on the election front, Joe Biden and the DNC have concocted a plan to skip the states that traditionally held their primaries first—Iowa and New Hampshire. …

Instead, they want to make South Carolina the first primary state. The official explanation is that they want to give ‘diverse’ voices a chance to impact the primaries in a bigger way.

Of course, this has drawn severe criticism and backlash from multiple states—particularly New Hampshire.

Due to the push to switch up the primaries, New Hampshire has threatened to leave Joe Biden off of the primary ballot. Here’s what we currently know:

Republicans in both Iowa and New Hampshire, where the GOP controls the state legislatures, could use this power to place Biden on a defensive footing.

Fox News reports:

“New Hampshire, the state that prides itself on its Live Free or Die motto, has declared that it will vote first anyway, setting up a clash with the D.N.C. that could widen to publicly embarrass Biden — who, assuming he coordinates with the D.N.C. on its new calendar, would not be on the New Hampshire ballot in this scenario — handing the incumbent president a shocking statewide defeat,” Barkan wrote.

Gary Haubold explained: “In the past, when challenging candidates have won or done well in New Hampshire, the incumbent President (Truman 1952, LBJ 1968, Carter 1980 & Bush 1992) has either dropped out of the race or lost in the November national election.”

Trump campaign manager Jason Miller shared the Fox News article highlighting the embarrassment that may soon come to Biden through New Hampshire’s primary.

According to Boston Herald, RFK Jr poses a serious challenge to Biden in the Democrat primaries:

“If you are Joe Biden, this is the last thing you wanted,” Ken Cosgrove, a professor of political science and legal studies at Suffolk University, told the Herald.

“He’s sort of a hybrid of Bernie Sanders and Trump.”

“I think he’s identified a market space that certainly exists.

People don’t necessarily want socialism, on the other hand they want to feel like their interests are represented, and it’s just not a good time in the country to be associated with any kind of establishment,” Cosgrove said.


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