Kash Patel Is About To Expose EVERY AG And DA In The Country


Kash Patel who served as the chief of staff to the United States secretary of defense under President Donald Trump, has an ultimatum for DA and AGs around the country.

Patel recently took to Truth Social and stated “Are there any State AGs or DAs that are willing to prosecute Hunter Biden/family for the crimes they have committed in their red state”

He continued “They do it to Trump, why are yall so afraid to act? You got 24 hours to get moving, then I’m naming names right here on Truth Social.”

Patel concluded his post by writing “ MAN UP.”

Take a look:

Patel is a man of his word and he is not bluffing.

While many others figures in the Trump administration sought to save their careers and separate themselves from Trump after January 6th, Patel has not and has remained loyal.

Patel has been right on a lot of issues in the last several years and on May 5th he even predicted the outcome of the Hunter Biden investigation.

Back in May Patel stated “I believe Hunter Biden will be charged, and soon, but I think they’ll roll it up into what we call this global plea agreement, where he basically gets charged with some Mickey Mouse lower-level offenses, walks into a super light sentence, and then they will cover up the cover-up.”

Watch him say it here:

Patel was right because Hunter was charged and pleaded guilty to two low level offenses that do not come with any jail time.

Per Just The News:

Former Trump adviser Kash Patel has called Hunter Biden’s recent plea deal a “get out of jail free card.”

“Hunter Biden gets a ‘get out of jail free card’ from the Deputy Attorney General,” Patel said on the Wednesday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “That’s the only person along with the AG who can waive the DOJ manual and guidelines on this, and they did just that.”

Hunter Biden struck a deal with federal prosecutors to avoid prison by pleading guilty to two tax crimes and admitting to a gun charge that could be dismissed, court records released Tuesday show.


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