Liberals Disappointed Again, After Latest Attempt to “Imprison” Trump Goes Down in Flames LOL


They got him this time, guys. The walls are really closing in on Trump. This time it’s for real…bla bla bla. How many times have we heard this over the past 7 years?

Too many to count, right? They’re always trying to get Trump arrested, send him to prison, and destroy his entire life. It’s like a video game with a quest that never ends…. you just keep going and going and going. Well, that’s what happened yet again in Fulton County, GA. Where, yet again Dems tried to indict Trump for another phone call, this time the call he had with that establishment bozo Brad Raffensperger after the disastrous 2020 election sham.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Georgia’s Fulton County DA couldn’t tie a crime to President Trump despite 75 witnesses brought in front of a Grand Jury.  It was a nothingburger as we all knew going in.

This was all just another witch hunt.

Vernon Jones, former Georgia Representative, shared that Fulton County ONLY found possible perjury charges after tens of witnesses were interrogated in front of the court.

After 75 witnesses over a 7 month period, they got nothing.

75 witnesses, and they still couldn’t “get him.”

What a pathetic waste of time and money.

Vernon Jones, the Democrat-turned Republican from GA, knew this would be the final outcome. He called it a long time ago.

He joined Steve Bannon on “War Room” to discuss this latest failed “political hit job.”


Yep, this was a total flop. Want to see how bad it was?

This is what CNN had to say about the big, much-anticipated report:

Portions of a highly anticipated report by the Atlanta-area special grand jury on their investigation into former President Donald Trump’s actions in Georgia after the 2020 election was released Thursday after a judge ordered the limited release earlier this week.

The report’s introduction and conclusion, as well as concerns the panel had about witnesses lying under oath, was made public.

Read the released portions of the report below.

That’s it…

That’s all CNN said about it.

What a big bombshell, right?


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