Mark Levin says WWIII has already begun…


Mark Levin said today that WWIII has already begun whether we like it or not.

Levin tweeted today that “Like it or not, the Axis of China-Russia-Iran-NK has already started WWIII.”

He added that the first battle of WWIII is “The Battle of Ukraine”

Levin continued, saying that China won’t be content with conquering Taiwan. He said their military is being built to wage war against the United States:

If Levin is right about this, we’ll have Biden’s weakness to thank for it. Everyone saw the epic disaster that was the US retreat from the Taliban in Afghanistan, not long before Russia invaded Ukraine. I’ve been expecting for a long time that Taiwan would fall before Biden exits the White House, because it’s the obvious thing to expect.

Where it goes from there I don’t know, but what Levin suggests doesn’t sound good at all.


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