RINO ALERT: Speaker Johnson Reveals His True Colors


Is there really any difference between former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson?

The GOP base believed that by ousting McCarthy the Republican Party would finally move forward with a Biden impeachment and maybe even get the J6 tapes released to the public.

Of course, we have yet to get either and now we are seeing the newly-elected House Speaker backtrack on the idea of a Biden impeachment.

Speaker Johnson recently told the media: “There is insufficient evidence at the moment to initiate formal impeachment proceedings.” Politico writes:

The House GOP’s three-week struggle last month to select a new speaker all but halted momentum on their impeachment inquiry of President JOE BIDEN.

And now that MIKE JOHNSON has the gavel, it’s not clear that the push will ever regain the same momentum.

Mike Johnson has time to send billions to Israel and hold vigils, yet he doesn’t have the time to impeach perhaps the greatest threat to America—Joseph R. Biden. Take a look at what the conservative community had to say in response:

A mere five days ago, The Hill reported:

As Speaker, Johnson has stressed a reserved approach to impeachment, invoking the founders in calling it the “heaviest power that we have,” while saying he has no predetermined outcome.

But as a prominent voice of the House Judiciary Committee, he was vocal in criticizing President Biden, at one point saying bribery is “what happened here.”


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