Roger Stone Chimes in On The Trump/DeSantis Situation, And He’s Got Some News Many Won’t Like…


There is a plot being pushed by the establishment to get DeSantis to take out President Trump and place DeSantis into office.

I know some of you don’t want to hear that, and I get it, but truthfully, that’s what’s going on, and you can accept it or bury your head in the sand, but either way, it’s still happening. Will Ron see it through? I dunno. I think it’s political suicide if he does, but we’ll see how this plays out.

But something has definitely changed with DeSantis and his feelings towards Trump. That’s pretty obvious, to most and has been happening for a while now.

Back in 2018, he couldn’t say enough nice things.


But things have changed. Many who have the inside scoop say the establisment found their way into Ron’s ear, and are talking a big game and he’s listening and that’ what is frustrating President Trump, who thought of DeSantis as a close ally.

All Trump’s allies leave him, don’t they? Sad…politics is such a dirty, ugly game.

DeSantis is young, he has so much time, there’s no reason to do any of this right now.

But Roger Stone says, the plot everyone is talking about, oh, it’s real….

Big League Politics reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become a nationally-esteemed figure among conservatives, being credited with solidifying Florida as a solidly red state.

However, there is more than meets the eye with regards to DeSantis and his agenda, as legendary political operative Roger Stone outlined in an exposé for his Stone Cold Truth page on Substack.

Stone explained DeSantis’ rise to the Florida governorship, which was due solely to an endorsement from President Donald Trump. Trump vaulted DeSantis to a Republican primary victory in 2018 against better-funded contenders with more name recognition. A little-known Congressman lacking flair and personality, he adopted Trump’s personality as his own – a schtick that has proven very successful for DeSantis.

Even with the Trump bump, DeSantis struggled to defeat his opponent, the corrupt meth-addicted gay orgy enthusiast Andrew Gillum, in the 2018 gubernatorial primary. It took repeated intervention by Trump to push DeSantis to a narrow victory.

“Donald Trump would alter his schedule to return to Florida twice in the last two weeks of the campaign with massive rallies dragging both DeSantis and [Florida Senator Rick] Scott over the finish line,” Stone wrote.

Throughout the 2022 midterm elections, DeSantis was focused on building a war chest from the globalist donor class rather than helping to secure victories for Republicans in tough races throughout the country. DeSantis was apparently content to allow the Uniparty’s coordinated sabotage campaign of the America First movement so he could move in as a false savior for 2024.
“DeSantis did use his reelection financial windfall to finance digital advertising outside Florida to begin building a national image in preparation for the 2024 race. Trump, by contrast, headlined rallies to bolster candidates like J.D. Vance in Ohio and Marco Rubio in Florida,” Stone stated.

Stone goes on to talk about how wildly DeSantis flipped on COVID, as soon as he saw the polls.

He closed with this: “DeSantis should not be underestimated as a focused, disciplined, and tight-lipped candidate who does not have a wide circle of advisors but who has proved to be a relentless fundraiser,” Stone said, adding that he believes DeSantis will have a very difficult time defeating Trump in a primary considering his “veritable lock on 45-50% of Republican primary voters” especially in a situation where there are multiple primary challengers.

Let’s hope Ron sees the light, and puts the movement above his persona wants and desires, because we don’t need Paul Ryan and Paul Singer types back in the “White House.”


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