WATCH: Pfizer Whistleblower Drops Bombshell: ‘I Am NOT Suicidal’


A Pfizer whistleblower has posted a chilling video statement on social media to warn that she is “NOT suicidal.”

Former Pfizer employee Melissa McAtee issued the warning following the recent sudden deaths of two Boeing whistleblowers.

Project Veritas first brought attention to McAtee in October 2021.

She is a former Pfizer employee who leaked company emails alleging the use of human fetal tissue-derived cell lines in mRNA vaccine lab tests.

Although reports suggest that vaccines don’t contain aborted fetal cells, McAtee and Project Veritas revealed an email from Vanessa Gelman, Pfizer’s senior director.

In the email, Gelman told employees to downplay the subject.

Gelman reportedly warned colleagues to “steer clear of the topic.”

She also told Pfizer officials “not to mention the fetal cell lines.”

McAtee had expressed concerns about vaccine ingredients and their links to injuries and deaths.

Now after the sudden deaths of two Boeing whistleblowers, she has put out a video stressing that any harm to her would be due to Big Pharma and the government.

As Slay News reported, Boeing engineer Joshua Dean has become the second whistleblower to die suddenly after speaking out to expose the company’s safety flaws, his family has confirmed.

45-year-old Dean’s family revealed that he died last week following a sudden illness.

Dean’s death comes less than two months after John Barnett was found dead, as Slay News reported.

Barnett, another Boeing whistleblower, died suddenly from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In the video, McAtee reassured viewers about her well-being, stating she’s not suicidal and has a happy family life.

She emphasized that she and her family have no disputes or mental health issues and haven’t made any unusual changes to their home or car.

She attributed any harm to herself to big pharmaceutical companies, tech firms, or the government.

“Hello everybody,” she says in the video.

“My name is Melissa McAtee, also known as Melissa Strickler.

“I am the Pfizer whistleblower who was in manufacturing quality for about five years at Pfizer but employed in total for about ten years.

“I just wanted to put a video of my face out there with my voice stating I am not suicidal.

“Me and my husband have a happy, healthy marriage.

“I love my son. I love my family.”

McAtee previously leaked internal documents from Pfizer on social media, also revealing there was a “Phyzer Vaxx Council” wherein hundreds of employees, including high-ranking employees, “discussed the evils being done and the things we were supposed to just pretend was normal.”

She says it was around this time that she heard of Project Veritas and James O’Keefe.

It was O’Keefe who she originally went to with information on the Pfizer Covid shots and their related health risks.

In 2021, McAtee first spoke out against Pfizer under the name Melissa Strickler.

She published a video alleging that Pfizer’s Covid mRNA vaccine “glows.”

While some may dismiss McAtee’s concerns as paranoia, others point to similar incidents involving whistleblowers.

They cite the case of Brandy Vaughan, a former Merck & Co. representative who faced harassment after speaking out against vaccines.

Vaughan died suddenly from a heart attack shortly after sharing her experiences.

Despite the risks, McAtee remains outspoken about mRNA vaccines, refusing to live in fear.

She hopes her story will shed light on any potential harm she may face.


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