WATCH: Taibbi DESTROYS ‘So-Called’ Dem Delegate Stacey Plaskett With Her OWN Quote After She Claims She ‘Never Asked For Sources’


On Thursday, America saw first-hand that Democrats absolutely HATE the Bill of Rights, especially that whole freedom of speech and freedom of the press thing covered in the First Amendment.  The fireworks began when Stacey Plaskett, a Democrat described by the left-wing Wikipedia as a “so-called delegate” from the Virgin Islands (she’s actually from New York and has ties to Jeffrey Epstein) lit into Matt Taibbi as a “so-called journalist” and later demanded he reveal his sources for the explosive Twitter Files.

Plaskett claimed she never demanded Taibbi’s sources, but he destroyed her with her own quote.

“No one is interested in revealing “journalists’” sources,” Plaskett said on Twitter.  “What we ALL should be interested in is what discussion, promises and/or deals Elon Musk has with Taibbi Shellenberger @HouseGOP and definitely Jim Jordan,” she added.

Taibbi — who, by the way, is not a Trump-supporting conservative — absolutely destroyed Plaskett:

Ouch.  He’s right, by the way.  Here’s video:

Score: Taibbi 1, Plaskett 0.

“Maybe she should watch the tape and then delete the tweet … and her account,” Twitchy said.

Others weighed in:

There’s a whole lot more like this, but you get the point…

Taibbi addressed the horrific treatment he received at the hands of Democrats in an interview with Dan Bongino:

Here is the full hearing in case you missed it:


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