So…What WAS In Those Envelopes At The Bush Funeral?


Since I just wrote an article on Hillary Clinton and that mysterious black van (link directly below), I thought it might be good to also revisit this right now.

Revisiting Hillary Clinton and The Infamous Black Van

There are so many mysteries out there unsolved right now… (and I have a feeling some answers may actually be coming in the not-too-distant future, so I’m digging back into these)

There are so many mysteries out there unsolved right now…

So many mysteries.

So many theories.

So much speculation.

Are we “watching a movie”?

That’s a big one.

The other big one remains:  “what was in those envelopes at the Bush Sr. funeral?”

It’s WILDLY fascinating and so far we still don’t know.

But Liz Crokin brought up some great questions today that led me to want to take a look at it again.

She wrote:


So what happened after members of the Satanic pedophile cabal received and read letters on their chairs at Bush’s funeral that left them all in shock and absolutely terrified?

This happened! 👇🏻

President Trump and the First Lady made their grand appearance, and they sat front row next to many of them.

Look at their faces and observe their body language. This is not a group of people mourning the loss of a “friend” and/or a former President. These people are mourning something MUCH greater.

Now observe Trump’s demeanor and body language. What does he do with his hands as soon as he sits down? If you know, you know.

Furthermore, how and why is it that there were so many cameras that got their reaction to them reading the envelopes, zoomed in no less, and it was released to the public?

Who is really in control?

I don’t have all the answers but I’m confident that the best is yet to come and NOTHING can stop what’s coming.

Really great questions.

I think the question about the camera footage is the best question.

How were there so many cameras that just happened to zoom in one each person at the EXACT right time when they were opening those envelopes to catch their reaction?

Sorry folks, that’s not by accident or random chance.

That was planned and executed to perfection.

Not only did someone want to send a message with whatever was in those envelopes, they wanted it caught on camera.

And my guess is they got more than they ever bargained for, as the footage is simply priceless.

Watch the reactions again here:

Jeb is obviously the worst poker player.

His face instantly turns to pale white.

Laura looks PISSED.

Jeb looks like he’s about to faint.

W looks like the kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

I had not previously known that this Q Drop was responsive to the question about the envelopes:

I sure hope at the end of this “movie” we get the answer to what exactly was in there.

I really want to know!

My theory is it had to be a picture.

The reactions are too fast, too immediate, for it to be words.  Even a short sentence is too much.  It had to be a picture.

So then the question is, what was the picture?

I’ve actually written about this a LOT before…

Here was a prior article from a while back.

From before Trump’s mug shot.

Looks like we were right on that part of it:

The First Arrest Will Shock The World?

Remember how Q said “the first arrest will shock the world”?

It was back in 2019.

December 17, 2019 to be exact.

And it actually didn’t say “the first arrest will shock the world.”

It actually said: “the first arrest will confirm future direction”.

It also said [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.

Take a look:

Here’s a Zoom in:

It was dropped by Q himself and it is one of the most famous “Q Drops” out there.

The first arrest will trigger a mass pop awakening.

It also confirms we’ll be at Marker 9, which is far along in the timeline.

Here are a couple other backup screenshots:

I’ve written about this a lot in the past and we’ve had different theories on who it would be…

People always think the first arrest to shock the world will be Hillary or Obama.

I’ve written on this in the past and made the argument that this wouldn’t shock anyone.

We all think those two are crocked as can be, so would it be “shocking”?

I don’t know.

One that I thought would be shocking would be Bush Sr. or Bush Jr., now that would shock both sides of the aisle.

But now it is looking pretty clear like it will not be Bush 43, Obama or Clinton.

No, stay with me on this but I always give you the truth and I don’t sugar coat it.

It looks pretty clear to me like the first arrest will be Trump himself.

Oh, it’s won’t be VALID or LEGAL, but it will be their last ditch effort to stop him.

We actually already had a Trump Indictment in NYC from Fat Alvin, but this one in Florida is Federal and it looks like they’re throwing the Kitchen Sink at it.

Still, the charges are flimsy and fake, but there’s no doubt they’re playing for keeps on this.

The DS is cornered and rabid and these are its death throes.

But a cornered, rabid dog can be VERY dangerous.

So…would Trump’s arrest shock the world?

And what did Q tell us?

It will trigger a mass populous awakening.

I think we’re seeing that en masse right now.

The NYC indictment started things, but now it’s undeniable: we clearly have a TWO-TIERED system of justice.

Or system of “unjustice”.

In fact, when the FBI first raided Mar-a-lago, I posted the following (which seems like it might have been 100% correct now as we’re seeing the next step they’re trying to take).

Here’s what I posted:

You see that’s my theory.

We all know the raid wasn’t designed to retrieve any documents.

Please don’t insult my intelligence with that.


It was either designed to look for the Nuclear Football that I wonder if DJT still has or it was designed to get in and plant evidence.

I wrote about it a couple days ago, and it’s proving to be more accurate and likely as each day goes on.

Here’s what I posted a couple days ago:

All the prophets have been talking about this.

They all say one final “bad stretch” is coming.

They all say it will look really bad and like all is lost.

And then it will flip in an instant.

In a 24 hour period.

Well, we haven’t had that final wash out yet, but it appears we’re very close.

You always have to go through the night to make it to morning and I think Q-Drop 3716 is about to play out before your very eyes.

How did Q possibly know all of this?

Was it predicted?

Or was it all planned and the White Hats are carefully guiding the plan?

Or is Q a time traveller?

I say that mostly joking except don’t forget about this:

But it’s not just me saying it anymore.

Two days ago it was just my theory.

Now today even Mike Adams the HealthRanger is now warning of the incoming arrest and indictment:

What do you think?

Will this be the final “Storm” before the victory?

Oh, and two last things…

Don’t forget Q also predicted Trump would be banned from Twitter long before it happened:

And don’t forget this epic moment…

The “Calm Before The Storm”.

Yes, that was the Calm.

Now is the Storm.

Next comes the Victory…

Stay tuned my friends, you’re gonna LOVE how this story ends.

You’re gonna be very happy:

We wrote a related article back in October 2022.

I am wondering if this was correct and the timeline just got pushed back.

What do you think?

Here’s what we wrote in October 2022….was it just delayed?

INCOMING: Election Cancelled, Biden Removed, Trump Arrested, 10 Days of Darkness?

Are we about to see a Red Hot October?

It looks increasingly likely.

This article is sure to stir up several opinions, but I have to post it because you need to be aware of what might be coming so you’re not caught off guard.

Things may look very bad for a moment, but this might be the final stages of the battled we’ve been engaged in since 2015 when all we wanted to do was vote for the guy who promised to Make America Great Again.

Absolutely stunning how much hatred boiled up for simply wanting to Make America Great Again, right?

Well, October 2022 may see everything culminate in one of the most mind-blowing conclusions you’ve ever seen, like living in a real-life movie.

I want to show you a brand new interview with Juan O’Savin, which breaks this all down and explains it in a very clear and easy way to understand.

I haven’t covered Juan very much here at WeLoveTrump, but I have to confess after listening to him in this interview I came away with a couple different conclusions:

One, he’s very grounded and speaks rather plainly without trying to stir up excitement.  He even says at many times in the interview that he doesn’t have any secret sources or inside knowledge, he’s just explaining what he sees with his own two eyes and then processes with his own brain.

We need a lot more of that in America.

We need a lot more people who can take in facts and process them on their own and come to their own conclusions without needing to be TOLD what to think by someone like Fox News.

So I applaud Juan for his critical thinking ability and very logical conclusions.

Two, what he says makes a LOT of sense.

No, I don’t like all of it.  In fact, the idea of President Trump being arrested is terrifying, but Q has been warning of this for a long time.

Juan pulls everything together in a way that makes complete sense and if he’s even half right it means we’re about to finally see everything come to a head here in October.

Here’s a quick summary of what he covers in the interview:

Juan O Savin joins Nicholas Veniamin to discuss his own speculative timeline for upcoming events:

  • October 8th: We will see the beginnings of the drive to remove Biden from office – led by Democrats, no less.
  • Kamala will then be declared ineligible to be President, due to citizenship issues and she will be removed from the line of succession.
  • As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is third in line and she will be declared President. Juan suspects that her nephew, Gavin Newsom may be appointed by her and/or the DNC to be the Vice-President.
  • Trump will be put under house arrest and charged with sedition/insurrection by the January 6th Committee sometime in the first half of October.
  • Once Biden is removed and Trump is arrested in the third or fourth week of October, the elections will be delayed by a month or more, leading to social unrest in the cities, whereupon, “The military will be deployed to stop a civil war in America”.
  • The Deep State members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) bureaucrats, who are associated with the US’ Continuity of Government plans are in conflict, behind the scenes with the military members of NORTHCOM/NORAD/Space Force, located at the underground base at Cheyenne Mountain, which has been sealed shut since March of 2020 with the announcement of the COVID pandemic, which Trump went on to describe as an “attack” on the US numerous times.
  • If the US mainland were to come under missile attack, all military and government agency communications would be automatically rerouted to Cheyenne Mountain (even and including all SES communications)… effectively putting Cheyenne mountain/NORAD in charge. Our country would then be under military occupation.
  • October 29th is Juan’s guess of the date referred to by Q followers as the beginning of the “10 days of darkness”, involving the shutdown of all US communications (TVs, cellphones etc) and military occupation.
  • There will be no election on November 8th.

Their interview is cut short at this point, when Juan realizes he’s missed his plane.


And a big thanks to a reader (Linda, last name withheld for privacy) for bringing this interview to my attention.

Juan even says himself that he doesn’t know for sure if everything listed above will play out exactly as he has stated, but he’s putting the warning out there based on the best information and best critical thinking skills available to him in the moment.

And I really appreciate that.

I have to also say every single step in what he lays out seems not only possible but very plausible to me.

I’ll let you judge for yourself, but you might want to bookmark this article or use the Email Button at the very top to email it to yourself so you can come back to watch it again if you start to see some of these things coming to pass.

You can watch the full interview on Nicholas Veniamin’s show right here on Bitchute:

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”360″]

Backup here:

I’d love to know what you think…

I especially think the part about Space Force is very interesting.

It seems that President Trump needed to create Space Force to have his own wing of armed forces because he knew this was the path we’d be on.

He needed a group to continue working to save America.

Was that Space Force?

Was it Space Force plus some connection to Elon Musk and Starlink?

Before you dismiss that last question, check out what Q just posted today on TruthSocial:

Folks, this is literally the Q account on TruthSocial posting about Starlink and saying it’s time.

If 10 Days of Darkness are incoming, and if President Trump is going to be cut off from all communications, I suppose you would need some sort of backup?

Perhaps thousands of Starlink satellites in the sky?

Is the story literally unfolding right before our very eyes, hidden in plain sight?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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