95-Year-Old War Vet Kicked Out of Nursing Home to Make Room for Migrants


The priorities of the Biden Administration are completely counter to the needs of the American people.

There are certain places in the country where those priorities are harming people the most.

New York is one of those places.

In order to make room for the influx of migrants coming to New York City, which is a direct result of Joe Biden’s open borders policy, several residents were evicted from a nursing home in Staten Island.

One of those residents was 95-year-old Korean War veteran Frank Tammaro.

Tammoro claims that he was given six weeks notice to leave the residence due to it being sold to city authorities in order to house the migrants being bussed into the city.

He says that he feared he would be left on the curb due to the short notice.

Tammoro added that, if not for his daughter, that’s what would have occurred.

“The thing I’m annoyed about is how they did it, it was very disgraceful what they did to the people in Island Shores,” he told reporters at a press conference.

Daily Mail has the details:

A Korean War veteran feared he would be left ‘on the curb’ after he was ordered out of his Staten Island nursing home to make way for the migrants overwhelming New York City.

Frank Tammaro, 95, was given six weeks to get out of the Island Shores Senior Residence when it was sold to city authorities last month.

Ten people were arrested amid furious protests when the first migrants were bussed to the facility last week after the last of the elderly residents were thrown out.

‘The thing I’m annoyed about is how they did it, it was very disgraceful what they did to the people in Island Shores,’ Tammaro told a press conference.

‘One day there was a notice on the board, I think that gave us a month and a half to find out where we were going to go.

‘I thought my suitcases were going to be on the curb because I’m not that fast.

‘If it wasn’t for my daughter, they would’ve been on the curb. That was it.

Frank shared his story:

The priorities of this administration are disgusting to behold.

Joe Biden and his followers are a disgrace to this nation.


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