Chelsea Clinton’s Real Father REVEALED?


DISCLAIMER: I am not reporting this as factually correct, I’m merely reporting that many people out there BELIEVE Bill Clinton is not Chelsea Clinton’s real father.

Do your own research.

Draw your own conclusions.

SECOND DISCLAIMER: I know many of you have seen this before and are aware of it, but many may not be.

Ok, here we go.

Simply put, many people believe Chelsea looks much less like Bill….

And much more like a guy named Webb Hubbell:

Again, not MY take….I’m just reporting on what all these people think:

You do know The National Enquirer tends to get things right more often than the MSM, right?

Father’s Day is a tough one for old Chels?

Which do you think?

The Business Standard has previously reported the following (NOTE: not my take, I am quoting the Business Standard):

Bill Clinton’s former aide has claimed that the former president had once admitted that Chelsea Clinton is not his biological daughter.

According to Larry Nichols, the 42nd President of the United States had allegedly said the real father is the former mayor of Little Rock, Ark., Webster Hubbell, who was once a law partner of his wife Hillary Clinton, Radar Online reported.

Nichols said that Bill had admitted that he “shoots blanks” after contracting measles as a kid rendered him sterile, and added that Hubbell was the real father of his daughter, who is currently pregnant with her first child with her husband Marc Mezvinsky.

Earlier, anti-Clinton blogger Robert Morrow had claimed that Hillary had an affair with Hubbell in 1984 at the Governor’s Mansion during Bill’s second term.


Anthony Weiner MELTS DOWN When Confronted About The Clinton Kill List!

There’s a reason we keep “efforting” Patrick Bet-David to come on my show.

Because he will fit right in!

We are gonna make it happen eventually, you can mark it down…

We’re already great friends, he just doesn’t know it yet!  😁

Oh I know he’s way bigger than we are, but we are cut from the same cloth.

I love what he’s doing and I absolutely LOVED his interaction with Anthony Weiner this week.

Buckle up, this one gets rocky…and it’s oh-so-good!

Bet-David never backs down from having controversial guests on his show, nor does he only have on people who agree with him.

In fact, he seems to really enjoy getting diverse viewpoints, which is what we’re all supposed to do.

Vigorous, free and open debate is what made this country great.

From the Founding Fathers debating in the Federalist Papers all the way to today, it’s the open exchange of ideas and iron-sharpening-iron that produces great results.

Not echo chambers…

Not censorship…

So now back to the interview.

So Bet-David has Weiner on his show and proceeds to tell him how he has a reputation of texting teenage girls.


Told him right to his face!

And let’s be real folks, when your name is literally “Tony Weiner” maybe you want to shy away from sex crimes?

I don’t know, just seems like that would be good advice.

But of course he’s known as the laptop teenage sexting guy — which, by the way, wasn’t a lot of that criminal?

I’m no criminal prosecutor, but isn’t it illegal to text teenage girls your Ween-Ween?

But I digress.

So Bet-David calls him out for his reputation like a boss, but that’s not where things fall off the rails.

The minute Bet-David starts asking him about the Clinton Kill List, Weiner FREAKS out.

Goes into complete meltdown mode.

You can see he’s visibly shook and viscerally reacting.

Bet-David never backs down, he sticks to his guns, he remains calm and cool and in full control of the interview.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I walked away thinking Bet-David was rock solid and expressed a question that so many of us are thinking, meanwhile Weiner’s meltdown was very suspect.

He claimed it was somehow disrespectful to the “victims” although failed to really develop that thought.

Look, the whole thing is UNPROVEN, I will state that right now — we clear?

But I will also state this, as I have so often said: do YOU know anyone who has had 90+ close friends and/or business associates die under strange circumstances?

How about 10?


You get my point.

And that was Bet-David’s point too.

Also, why does this “Conspiracy Theory” only pop up around the Clintons?

I’m no fan of the Bush family either, but there’s no George W. Bush Kill List rumors.

No Obama ones either.

Why the Clintons?

Fair question.

ALL fair questions.

Yet Weiner freaked.

Wouldn’t answer.

Watch this amazing clip and then scroll down for details on the “List”.

Here you go:

You know, there’s always the chance that Bet-David and I are just wrong.

Just in the minority.

So I thought I would open up a poll on Twitter to ask.

See if we’re off base?

The poll is still live so you can add your vote here if you want:

And here are the results so far:

Guess we’re not in the minority according to those results!

Now let’s dig into the Clinton Kill List.

Let’s start with Wikipedia because Weiner tried to discredit the question by discrediting the source Bet-David was reading from.

So here’s (Lefty) Wikipedia covering the topic:

Wikipedia calls it a “Conspiracy Theory”.

Let me just say this….I’ve lost track of how many “Conspiracy Theories” I’ve looked into that later turn out to be 100% Fact!

How about you?

But fair enough….

We’re not calling this hard news.

Neither was Bet-David.

We’re not saying everyone on this list was killed by or at the behest of the Clintons.

Of course not!

Maybe some were, maybe a lot were, we don’t know!

We’re simply asking why so many people surrounding this couple end up DEAD under mysterious circumstances.

Just the worst luck ever?



Here’s an update on the list:

Anthony Weiner Has a Meltdown When Asked About Clinton’s Kill List Allegation


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