GOING VIRAL: Florida Deputy Shares Touching Moment with a Young Boy Who Called 911 Just to Give Cop a Hug (VIDEO)


In a touching incident that has captured the hearts of many, a Florida deputy responded to a disconnected 911 call only to find himself in a heartwarming situation.

Deputy Scott Pracht of Hillsborough County was dispatched to a residence in the Riverview area. Upon his arrival, he was met by a young boy who had a simple yet endearing intention: he had dialed 911 because he wanted to give the police officer a hug.

This poignant moment was recorded on Deputy Pracht’s bodycam as well as the home’s Ring doorbell camera. The video quickly gained traction on social media platforms after being shared by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Dayana Del Valle, the young boy’s mother, expressed that her son wasn’t fully aware of the purpose of the 911 emergency number.

She mentioned, “To be honest, he doesn’t even know what 911 is.”

Deputy Pracht, understanding the innocence behind the act, responded, “Yeah, I’ll explain it. It’s not a problem.”

When the mother inquired if her son had called the police, the boy candidly replied, “Well, I wanted to give him a hug.”

He then enthusiastically added, “I know what your phone number is – it’s 9-1-1,” before eagerly rushing to embrace the officer.

From Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, “Accidental 911 Call Leads to Heartwarming Moment. Body worn camera captures the moment a #teamHCSO deputy responded to a call from a young boy who dialed 911 not because of an emergency, but because he simply wanted to hug a deputy. Deputy Pracht shared a hug, and took a moment to teach the importance of the emergency line while spreading love.”



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