Here Are The 20 Republicans Who Voted “NO” On Jim Jordan


Earlier today, we told you there were a group of Republicans set to vote NO on Jim Jordan.

Our reporting was accurate as Jordan lost his first vote.

And here are the 20 Republicans who voted NO:

It does not seem to be the MAGA crowd, with many voting for McCarthy.

And while I’m not convinced that Jim Jordan is ultimately the best choice, he may be the best we have available.

The reason I’m not convinced he’s the best choice is two-fold.

One, I see Tweets like this laying out what a Jim Jordan Speakership will look like:

I’m pro-Israel and anti-Hamas (of course) but do I want a pro-war Honk in the Speakership?

I would sure love to see America stay OUT of all wars and stop sending our tax dollars overseas by the Billions.

Who is the Speaker candidate that will cut off the purse strings?

That’s the guy I want to vote for.

It’s yet another reason why I am calling for Donald Trump as Speaker.

That’s not a dead idea yet.

Imagine 20 more rounds of Jim Jordan voting and no progress.

Could we end up back at Trump?

It’s very possible.

Or how about 17 total rounds?

There’s that number again….

Kudos to this woman calling in to C-SPAN to mention how they fell “17” votes short.

People are getting red-pilled all over the place!

Is Jim Jordan just “McCarthy-lite”?

Heck, McCarthy himself was “McCarthy-lite”.

I’m tired of the people that bark a big bark, but then have no bite.

No investigations…

No subpoenas….

But plenty of time to send our money overseas.

What kind of Speaker would Jim Jordan be?

What kind of Speaker would TRUMP be?

Plus, how much money would you pay to see this?

Come on folks, that’s worth the price of admission right there!

But what do you think?


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