Hilarious Old Trump TV Commercial Found — Must See!


A hilarious old Donald Trump TV commercial has recently been found.

I’ve never seen this before.

Guessing you haven’t either.

It’s an old 1999 TV Commercial for something called

It’s unclear if that company is still in business.

But they created a HILARIOUS commercial and they got the man himself to star in it — Donald Trump!

Watch here:

Our President has a GREAT sense of humor!

Backup here:

And here:

Want another great one?

Here you go:


Everything right now feels like 2015/2016 repeating itself.

MAGA Rallies are back…

The energy is back…

The HOPE for the future is back…

And Memes are back!

This one was released a few weeks ago, but I randomly got one line stuck in my head this morning:  HOLLA WE WANT D-TRUMP! WE WANT D-TRUMP!

Feels like an anthem right now.

We’re done messing around.

It’s time for the RETRIBUTION PRESIDENT…and it’s going to be historic!

Now back to the video and the incredible talent it took to make this.

Not only did they have to get the visuals but then write the script and make Trump’s voice sing perfectly.

It’s so good!

Please enjoy:

Backup here on YouTube at least for right now:

Rumble Backup:

I can’t even pick a favorite line, so many good ones…

If it’s not the chorus  “But Fatty only make my lead bigger” then I think MAYBE it would have to be “You will see her at the Court House, Call Her Fatty Willis”:

Humor and satire always hit stronger than most anything else.

Reaction is off the charts:

If you want more, we actually covered this same incredible team a few days ago.

Here’s another gem:

Meet “Rhonda Santis”


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