Is The Military Still In FULL Control?


I’ve covered many aspects of this before, and I believe you can most definitely file this under the “Hidden in plain sight” file, but I wanted to show you this video from this lady who I think does a great job of pulling it all together in a short 3 minute video.

I think one of the things we’ve all forgotten is President Trump’s 2016 Inauguration Address.

That was unprecedented, both in terms of what he said and with the full display of the Military behind him.

That is not normal.

Like everything President Trump does, that was designed to give a very clear message — visually and by what he said.

Watch this short clip and I think you’ll find it gives you great comfort.

It did for me.


Here’s more on the topic if you want to go deeper….

So…If Trump Is Still Commander-In-Chief, Why Is He Allowing This For So Long?

Derek Johnson: HUGE Update On The “Coming Storm”

I know many of you love hearing from Derek Johnson.

He’s retired military who has done his homework and knows how the military justice system works.

And he applies that knowledge to our current situation to educate and inform on what is likely to come next.

And what rights we all have that we don’t even know about.

He’s a great patriot and I love bringing you his messages from time to time.

I thought this one was especially good…

Watch it right here on Rumble:

And if you want more, here’s the last one we covered…

Former Military Intel Officer Derek Johnson Says Military Tribunals Are Coming Very Soon!

Ok folks, I have a warning on this one.

Many of you are going to love this.

Some of you are going to hate this.

I am somewhere in the middle.

I do like Derek Johnson and of course I am hoping and praying for military tribunals.

But I’m not one of these people who believes all these bad people have already been secretly executed.

Sorry but I just don’t see the evidence for that….even if I want desperately for them to be GONE!

But DJ brings up some really interesting things in this video and so I’m sharing it with you.

Because I’m a reporter and it’s not for me to decide or prejudge what he’s saying.

I’m going to get it out there to you and let YOU decide.

Watch it right here on Rumble:


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