Pelosi Launches Vicious Attack on Jim Jordan(VIDEO)


Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a vicious attack on Chairman Jim Jordan Wednesday afternoon.

Pelosi said the Republican lawmakers voting on a new permanent House Speaker was an assault on our democracy.

“Today and yesterday, that was an assault on our democracy,” Pelosi said of the Speaker votes this week. “As Jim Jordan assaulted our democracy on January 6.”


Jim Jordan failed to secure the 217 votes to win the gavel on the first ballot on Tuesday.

Twenty GOP representatives voted against Jim Jordan, a staunch conservative and Trump supporter.

Round two of the floor vote for House Speaker took place Wednesday morning and Chairman Jordan fell short again. This time 22 Republicans voted against Jordan.

The House adjourned on Wednesday afternoon and the next vote for Speaker will be on Thursday.

No word from Pelosi on the hundreds of rabid far-left protesters who stormed the Capitol and shut down the Rotunda.

Screaming leftists entered the US Capitol on Wednesday in an attempt to coerce lawmakers to demand a ceasefire in Gaza after Rashida Tlaib whipped up the crowd.

Tlaib lied about the strike on the hospital in Gaza. 500 people did not die on Tuesday. A Palestinian rocket hit the parking lot of the hospital.

Democrat Tlaib whipped up the crowd and incited an insurrection.

Screaming protesters took over the Rotunda.

Not a word from Nancy Pelosi on Rashida Tlaib inciting an insurrection.


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