WATCH: Biden Appears To Scold KJP In Front Of Press Gaggle: ‘Sorry Sir’


In a Wednesday’s interaction with the press, President Joe Biden had a noticeable exchange with his Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, after discussing the U.S. and Israeli involvement in the Gaza humanitarian crisis.

Reporters inquired about Biden’s candidness with the Israelis, asking, “You said you were very blunt with the Israelis on the need to get humanitarian aid to Gaza or what exactly?”

Responding with a brief chuckle, Biden remarked, “On everything. Ha ha ha.”

KJP then interrupted to which Biden then harshly scowled at her saying “Don’t!”

The President then shifted his focus to Americans in the region, expressing his optimism. “I’m hopeful we can get some Americans out, as well, of Gaza, and hopefully we will continue to work toward getting other Americans out through other means, as well.”

Reporters further probed into the trustworthiness of U.S. and Israeli claims, hinting at skepticism surrounding the recent Gaza hospital blast. “People … don’t necessarily believe you or the Israelis … didn’t have anything to do with” the incident, said the reporter.

Biden surprisingly acknowledged, “I can understand that.”

Reporters pressed on about Israeli military conduct, questioning, “Are Israelis operating within the rules of war that you talked about last week?”

Without directly addressing the question, Biden concluded the interaction, saying, “Good talking to you all,” before walking away from the press group.


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