WATCH: Trump’s Attorney Lays Out Everything That Judge Engoron Did Wrong


President Trump’s attorney in the NY fraud case, Alina Habba, spoke on Fox where she broke down everything wrong during President Trump’s testimony yesterday.

From Judge Engoron throwing a tantrum because of President Trump’s answers and a prosecution that doesn’t know anything about real estate.

Here is the interview with Alina Habba on Fox:

As Alina Habba pointed out.

Anyone with half a brain can tell that Mar-A-Lago is worth more than $18 million.

Just look at the properties surrounding Mar-A-Lago.

They go for tens of millions of dollars, are a fraction of the size, and are not a revenue-generating club.

The prosecution and Judge Engoron do not know what they are talking about.

This is a political witch hunt to defame President Trump and propel their careers.

However, this case has only blown up in their faces.

It has exposed Letitia James for the political hack she is:

And demonstrates that Judge Engoron is not fit to be a judge:

Fox News breaks down the case further:

Turley said that the “fact is that these cases have only increased Trump’s popularity” and that with “every indictment, he seems to gain five percentage points.”

“At this rate, with four more indictments, he could be elected by general acclamation,” Turley said. “The problem for Trump is the underlying law. The New York law does not require an actual victim or even loss of money.”

“That law became an easy vehicle for James to fulfill her pledge to bag Trump if elected,” Turley continued, referencing the New York attorney general’s campaign promise to take legal action against the former president.

“There are two cases being made in that courtroom. James is making the case to bar Trump from business in New York while Trump is making the case for reelection,” he continued.

“Both may be succeeding,” he added. “James seems to have a sympathetic court while Trump seems to have an increasingly sympathetic public.”

Attorney and conservative commentator Andy McCarthy told Fox News Digital he does not think the former president’s testimony will help or hurt his case because it “has already been decided.”

The judge already decided well before the case began that President Trump committed fraud.

Wasn’t it innocent before proven guilty?

Well, Judge Engoron doesn’t seem to think so.


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