GOP Passes Bill To Reduce Biden Appointee’s Salary To $1


The House of Representatives just passed a bill, introduced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, that would cut Pete Buttigieg’s salary to $1.

Biden appointed Pete Buttigieg to become the Transportation Secretary.

Rep. Greene cites the reason for cutting Buttigieg’s salary as his lavish trips and an earlier incident where he faked riding a bike to receive an award.

Fox News shares more on the story:

Since taking office in 2021, Buttigieg has faced criticism for Republican lawmakers in response to several crises that have faced the Department of Transportation.

For example, in February, after a train carrying vinyl chloride, a dangerous colorless gas, derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, Buttigieg was criticized for his apparent inaction and for waiting several weeks before traveling to the site of the derailment.

In addition, there have been multiple instances of mass commercial airline cancellations during his tenure for various reasons, including a pilot shortage. Republicans and Democrats alike had called for Buttigieg to take decisive action to ensure air travelers are protected from such cancellations.

And while Buttigieg has spent much of his tenure addressing commercial delays, he has used government-managed private jets on at least 18 occasions since taking office. Those flights sparked an ongoing inspector general probe and, according to information obtained by Americans for Public Trust (APT), have cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

One less corrupt politician that American tax dollars must pay is a win to me!

James Woods had a say on the pay reduction:

I have to agree with you there, Woods.

The Hill shares more on the story:

The underlying bill needs to be approved by the full House and is unlikely to be approved by the Senate.

The Holman Rule — which gives members the ability to propose amendments for appropriations bills that decrease the salaries for specific federal workers or programs to $1, essentially defunding them — was reintroduced in January when House Republicans adopted a rules package following Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) battle to become speaker.

It’s not the first time Greene and other Republicans have taken to the rule to slash salaries to target sending by the Biden administration. Greene offered another amendment reducing pay for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in September.

Power to our representatives to be able to cut the funding to appointed government figures.

These people are NOT voted in.

Our Representatives have every right to expel Biden’s cronies from our government.


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