Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “I Take More Votes From President Trump”


Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on “This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von” and said he would take more votes from Donald Trump than Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

“I take more votes from President Trump than I do from President Biden,” RFK Jr. said.


“What is your path to get to the presidential nomination in 2024? Is there a path?” Von asked RFK Jr. (1:01:30).

“If President Biden steps down, the decision has to be made by October 15th,” RFK Jr. said.

“October 15th you have to start qualifying in certain states so that you have to declare whether you’re a Democrat or an independent or Republican,” he continued.

“A lot of people think well you can run as a Democrat and then if you lose everything then you can just switch to independent and run on independent but you can’t do that because a lot of states have sore loser laws that make it so that you have to choose early and you can’t go,” he continued.

“Once you’ve chosen Democrat, you can’t switch independent,” he noted.

“But you’ve already chosen that you’re a Democrat, right? I mean you’ve been a lifelong Democrat. Is there a chance that you would run as an independent?” Von asked.

“If they really shut down the process, we’re right now you know, we’re grappling with the DNC trying to get them to do the right thing. But if they rig the process so that I can’t possibly win, which is how it’s rigged right now, then I would have to look at other options,” RFK Jr. explained.

“Who’s ahead in the national polls?” Von asked.

“Well he (Biden) beats me among Democrats in the national polls,” RFK Jr. responded.

“But if you could get a third of people to switch that were Republicans,” Von blurted.

“That’s the thing is that those polls aren’t looking at the Republicans who want to vote for me or the independents,” RFK Jr. said.

Von and RFK Jr. discussed how some rumors suggest the Republican Party is using RFK Jr. to take down Joe Biden.

“I hear that and I’m like a stalking horse for Trump,” RFK Jr. said.

RFK Jr. commented the alleged strategy doesn’t add up because he ‘takes more votes from President Trump than from Biden.’

“Right, so why would that help him?” Von asked.

“It’s not helping him,” RFK Jr. commented.

Watch the exchange starting at 1:01:30:

“To the many nut jobs on X, who insist that I am secretly running RFK’s campaign, as some kind of a psy-op- I actually think that RFK would pull more votes from Trump ( the candidate I am supporting) than from a democrat IF and only IF he can actually get on the ballot, which is an enormous IF,” Roger Stone commented.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as an Independent is predicated on his campaign mastering the difficult, labor intensive , expensive and arcane process of actually getting on the ballot mostly by petition in enough states to theoretically win 270 votes AND do so in a legally restricted and short time frame,” Stone added.


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